what is nvidia studio


What is Nvidia Studio?

Nvidia Studio is a set of technologies that enable people to exploit the full power of Nvidia's hardware in a variety of creative applications. And it's great.
what is microsoft graph


What is Microsoft Graph?

Microsoft Graph is a key foundation of Microsoft 365 Copilot, but what does it actually do? And how does it work? We demystify this most mysterious of services.
Microsoft Loop


What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop could be the greatest thing to come out of Redmond since Word, or a huge flop that no-one uses. Decide for yourself after reading our in-depth guide.
copilot in powerpoint


What is Copilot in PowerPoint?

Microsoft Copilot 365 is on its way, and Copilot in PowerPoint could be one of its most loved new tools. Here, Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn explains how it will work in practice.
copilot in outlook concept


What is Copilot in Outlook?

Copilot in Outlook is one of the most important components of the Microsoft 365 Copilot armoury. With the help of Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn, we explain how it will work in practice.
copilot in teams


What is Copilot in Teams?

If you use Microsoft Teams, you may just find that Copilot becomes your best friend ever. Here, Jason Wynn, a Microsoft MVP, explains how Copilot in Teams will work - and make your working day that much more effective.