AMD Threadripper CPU against stylish background

What is AMD Threadripper?

We explain why AMD's Threadripper series of processors - and Threadripper Pro chips - are a fantastic choice for demanding users
HP All-In Plan homepage

What is the HP All-In Plan?

HP has launched its All-In Plan in the USA, a subscription package that bundles together a printer, ink and 24/7 support into a single monthly fee. Lee Grant delves into the detail.
What is Intel Xeon scalable

What is Intel Xeon Scalable?

Intel's Xeon Scalable processors are among the fastest chips on the planet, but what are they good for and how do they compare? This explainer reveals the crucial facts.
Adobe AI Assistant in action in Adobe Acrobat

What is Adobe AI Assistant?

Adobe's AI Assistant is a conversational AI tool designed to make it easier to dig data out of PDFs. Nicole Kobie gives it a whirl and reveals everything you need to know.
what is storage backup pictured as woman with laptop files streaming into cloud and multiple computers

What is storage backup?

Wondering what is storage backup? Darien Graham-Smith explains in detail what it is, why you might need it and how to do it properly.
what is a thin client - dell OptiPlex wyse example

What is a thin client?

What is a thin client? How is it different from a laptop? Why is it called "thin"? This explainer from Darien Graham-Smith answers these and many other questions
What is Converged Infrastructure?

What is converged infrastructure?

What is converged infrastructure? Ultimately, it's a collection of systems working together. But what systems exactly? And how? Read our explainer to fully understand how it all works together.
what are servers - picture of a server room

What are servers?

The term "server" is bandied around casually, but servers come in many forms - including software. It makes sense to understand the nuances.
What is edge computing shown through woman touching virtual interface

What is edge computing?

Wondering what edge computing is? We dive deep into the most commonly asked questions and explain the differences to cloud computing.
what is hpe greenlake

What is HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake has matured into a rich set of services that are particularly attractive to anyone looking for a single-vendor solution.
what is quiet quitting shown by woman in distance walking out of office door

What is quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is hardly a new feature of the workplace, but it's been given fresh energy thanks to TikTok. Nicole Kobie explains what it is and what employers should do about it (if anything)
What is AIOps?

What is AIOps?

Originally coined by analyst Gartner, AIOps refers to the use of AI systems in managing and supporting IT workflows. Here, we explain what that means in practice.
what is chromebook plus

What is Chromebook Plus?

Google has just announced the Chromebook Plus specification, but what does that mean? We provide a full breakdown behind the marketing hype
what is generative ai

What is generative AI?

We delve deep into the world of generative AI: what exactly do we mean by the term? How does it work? What are its possible uses? And what are its downsides?
what is thunderbolt 5

What is Thunderbolt 5?

Intel has just announced the arrival of Thunderbolt 5. We reveal why creators and gamers in particular will want to take advantage, and how it compares to Thunderbolt 4.