TechFinitive’s Innovation section covers the latest news and leading insight on technology’s big developments. It’s a huge brief, with topics that cover everything from artificial intelligence to the release of a new networking standard.

We attack on three fronts. First, breaking news, with the emphasis on breaking. How will today’s headline break the status quo? How will it affect businesses, whether that’s the way the IT team functions or giving knowledge workers a new weapon in their armoury.

But we don’t just want to tell readers that the latest version of ChatGPT has dropped: we want to provide useful advice on how businesses can take advantage of it.

There’s a reason we call ourselves TechFinitive rather than TechWhatever: our mission is to provide a backbone of definitive resources that explain what all the terms mean. We’ve already provided a bunch of explainers on 5G, AI, machine learning and Wi-Fi 7 to name but a few. And we will continue to add more.

Our final weapon is to go deep with provocative features from our expert writers. TechFinitive is privileged to have a wide mix of contributors, from analysts to award-winning journalists, from IT professionals to startup founders. Where a subject falls within their expertise, we explore the deeper impact of a technology – whether it’s the Pandora’s Box of ethics it opens or the new world of opportunity it creates for businesses.

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