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TechFinitive’s Innovation section covers the latest news and insight on everything from artificial intelligence to cutting-edge communication. We define the terms that matter, from ChatGPT to Wi-Fi 7, and go deep with investigative, provocative and unique features.


TechFinitive’s Data section provides in-depth explainers on data-related topics, particularly around cloud computing. We also cover breaking news in this key technology sector, along with insight gleaned from our data and cloud experts over their long careers.


TechFinitive’s Hardware section focuses on the devices that will make businesses more productive, whether that’s sleek new laptops or a graphics workstation. We want to help IT managers extract the most from their budget, whilst ensuring workers have the tools they need.


TechFinitive’s Collaborate section provides in-depth explainers on topics related to collaboration, particularly around hybrid working. We examine collaboration from the view of both employees and IT management, all with the aim of achieving business success.


TechFinitive’s Protect section provides in-depth explainers on topics related to security, particularly around ransomware. We cover emerging threats that affect businesses small and large, from the UK to Australia, along with insight gleaned from our wealth of security experts.