TechFinitive’s Opinions section is reserved for articles written by guest authors, who are typically industry professionals with something interesting to say.

Articles under the Opinions section are not sponsored and can only mention companies with whom the guest author has no direct or indirect association. They are edited by our editorial team before publication, just like any regular article.

Companies cannot pay to have an opinion published. We do, however, work with guest authors who have been introduced to us through media contacts, including PR agencies. When one such author works with us, they abide by the same rules as any other guest author.

Why do we have an Opinions section?

As mentioned above, we believe that hearing from professionals who are on the ground doing the work adds a valuable voice to the debate. Our readers appreciate getting advice from their peers, particularly when it complements our editorial coverage. We like to offer this space to writers and readers alike and, under editorial supervision, we think it can add real value to all involved.

Can I publish under the Opinions section?

The short answer is ’yes’. Start by reaching out to us using our contact form. Tell us why you want to publish an opinion and how it relates to the topics we cover. Include links to your LinkedIn profiles and any articles you might have written in the past (if you have them). We’ll be in touch!

Lessons from building an AI product

Eight lessons from building an AI product

In 2021, long before ChatGPT, Prashant Mahajan built his own generative AI tool for product managers. Here, he shares his playbook for building an AI product that will stand out from the crowd.