Editorial Guidelines

TechFinitive editorial values is a website for business and IT professionals who embrace modern technology. We create insightful and engaging content across five key pillars: Innovate, Collaborate, Protect, Data and Hardware.

When it comes to core values, we ask the same questions of ourselves as we do the companies we write about. This boils down to independence, transparency and sustainability.

By independence, we mean that our articles, videos and whitepapers are decided by editors rather than by our commercial partners. And while we embrace the opinion and strong views of our talented writers, our overarching aim is to provide readers with unbiased, questioning coverage of developments. 

What do we mean by transparency? In short, we aren’t hiding anything. For example, if a piece of content is sponsored then we will make it clear through labelling. And if we significantly update an article (for instance, to correct a mistake) then we will mark it as updated. Head to our corrections policy page to learn more about we handle mistakes.

When we say “sustainability”, we mean that we actively consider the environmental impact of the recommendations we make – and give positive coverage to the companies that are making concerted efforts in this area. We want to explore the impact of technology on businesses and society, and sometimes advances in one plane come at a cost in another.

Finally, we want to make it clear that has a global view. We have writers based in the UK, Australia, the USA and India. One of our longer-term goals is to expand our coverage so that we are a truly global team, with editors on every continent. Learn more about TechFinitive’s editorial team.

Independent reviews

Any product reviews or recommendations you see on are wholly independent. 

Furthermore, all reviews are based on loan products (or items we buy ourselves). When a company loans us a product, we will send it back after evaluation. The only exception is for items where we believe a long-term evaluation will be beneficial for readers, such as hardware that will be enhanced with major feature updates.

We have a separate category called “product guides” where we explain what a product is, but not review it or give a buying recommendation. If these are sponsored, they will be clearly labelled as such.

How TechFinitive makes money

Along with advertising, TechFinitive is funded through our company directory, sponsored articles and the provision of marketing leads (including through our whitepaper library).

TechFinitive founders

TechFinitive is part of Engage Media Limited, an independent limited company set up in London in 2023. Its founders are Julian Llloyd Evans and Chris Cannon, neither of whom have any link or affiliation with the companies we cover on the website.

Get in touch

If you have any concerns about articles you see on the site, email [email protected] and we will investigate and then reply to you.