Every business in the world knows that collaboration is the key to its success. Whether it’s employees working together towards a common goal or drawing on the expertise of outside companies, the better we collaborate the better our results. And this issue has only been heightened through the rise of hybrid working. That’s why Collaborate is one of the five fundamental topic areas found on

While perfect collaboration doesn’t exist, we want to explore what best practice looks like. That could be making sure that employees present themselves well on video calls or ensuring that every voice is heard in virtual meetings – not just those who shout the loudest. includes both practical guides based on tech and advice based on best business practices.

We also want to delve into the collaborative possibilities that stem from the latest technology developments. We look at the specific advantages brought about by generative AI from the likes of Microsoft Copilot, which will do everything from automatic capturing of minutes within meetings to allocating tasks to team members.

Part of TechFinitive’s mission is to explore things from the view of both IT managers and end users. So, along with advice for individual employees, we also look at collaboration from a management perspective.

And we’re open to collaboration too. If you have a topic area that you’d like us to cover – or perhaps you want to share your experience by writing an article – then please get in touch. You can email us at [email protected], follow us on Twitter or join our community on LinkedIn.