Is your business stagnating due to a lack of the right technology?

Joe Walsh, Director of B2B at Samsung UK, shares insights from a recent survey on the new era of “fluid working”. This article was produced in association with Samsung.

Businesses can’t continue to progress if they are stagnant. The shift to fluid working cultures has exposed those businesses who are being held back and stagnating due to lack of tech, or more specifically, the right tech. With this change in working culture, there are four elements that businesses must consider when it comes to technology: connectivity, support, integration and security. These factors give teams the tools to work to the best of their abilities, as well as put employees’ wellbeing at the forefront of priorities, all in order to drive growth.

Since the beginning of time, people have craved connection, and in a world that is infinitely more digital, this remains the same and is no different for virtual connection. Connectivity that is reliable, secure and fast. Connectivity that keeps teams up to speed with one another, enabling them to operate as if they were all in one space, no matter where in the world they may be. In our recent survey, 51% of respondents said that they have upgraded their smartphones to support fluid working, all in order to keep looped in with colleagues and clients – instilling trust in their technology’s capabilities.

In its recent flagship launch, Samsung amplified its enterprise focus, helping empower businesses in the ever-evolving landscape. This new business-centred technology offers several flexible functions with the goal of levelling up businesses, such as dialling into client meetings from wherever or even signing a document from a watch and syncing to all devices. This interoperability-focussed tech means that documents can be accessed from numerous places and devices, as well as smoothly transferring data from platform to platform. All to support employees with engaging in work at times that best suits them.

Security threat

A more recent problem that can massively set back businesses is the increase in cyber threats posed by bad actors. For enterprises to keep up with progression goals, employing the right security-orientated tech that will detect and prevent bad actors is vital for avoiding attacks that can cause stagnation for businesses.

Samsung’s recent release of the Galaxy A series Enterprise Edition lets IT decision makers control mass rollouts of security updates to user devices, when it is most convenient for businesses, giving both employees and business owners peace of mind that they will be protected without disruption.

A secure business is a reputable business and is an important attribute to retain and secure new clients. That’s why investment in the technology, such as fingerprint scanners and customisable anti-tracking systems demonstrates forethought in the right business areas and instils trust and loyalty from both present and future clients.

When the world moved to remote working, businesses weren’t ready. Employees had to begin taking on IT tasks that would have once only been supported by internal IT departments, on top of their current workload. For many, this is still the case, as these expectations became the new norm, with the burden slowing down employees.

The latest Samsung flagship launch utilised new enterprise concentrated technology, such as the Knox Suite, for the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra, that is vital for not letting business remain idle. With the new Enterprise Edition, employees can use these devices to carry out tasks, configure and protect data from a device that can fit in their pocket.

Importance of integration

The lack of integration with siloed technology and workstreams is also eating into time for businesses. That’s why over recent years there is growing commonality within the business sector to partner together, with the goal of increasing progression by unlocking new potentials with combined technological features.

Microsoft and Samsung partnered to maximise productivity and ensure workflows do not fall victim to siloed data by allowing employees to make calls, check messages and notifications all from just a single device.

Trust is imperative to client focused businesses. Putting in the time and effort to shop around and choose first-class technology is a must. Typically, businesses put this to the bottom on their to-do-lists due to worries around budgeting but using the right tech does not need to cost the earth. With suitable pricing ranges and financing options on offer, businesses can streamline their efficiency levels with the help of technology. Choosing integrative, connective, and secure tech functions is not only effective in terms of time and money, but also improves the quality of the job for employees by making it smoother and easier, ensuring businesses can operate more efficiently.

Right now, in an unpredictable economic climate, for many businesses, staying afloat may be their biggest success story. But to bolster a business and set it up for long-term success, technology, the right technology, that empowers their workforce is a must. Technology that keeps them connected and supported, whilst integrating and protecting platforms and data seamlessly.

The new S23 Enterprise Edition series from Samsung is here to revolutionise the future of fluid-enterprise working, by enabling creative collaboration from anywhere in the world – powering the Galaxy ecosystem to make growth easier than ever whilst putting the employee experience first.

Joe Walsh headshot
Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh is Samsung's Director of B2B in the UK. Previously, he co-founded a small telco that focused on the construction and legal industries.