Introducing TechFinitive’s curated job board in partnership with Jobbio

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new job board, based upon Jobbio’s Amply network. Together, we’ll be sharing thousands of career opportunities with our professional business community.

TechFinitive Jobs will showcase the most relevant roles to readers — and help employers get their roles in front of the right people. 

How to find a job on the TechFinitive job board

There are two main ways to find a job via TechFinitive Jobs.

The most obvious approach is to search for particular jobs within cities. So, searching for “data engineer” within Sydney, Australia, will bring up a shortlist of relevant positions.

You can then filter results by contract type (such as part-time, full-time and temporary) or date posted (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 28 days).

Alternatively, you can search by company. The same options — city, contract type, date posted — are still available to filter your choices.

If you prefer to simply browse through the vacancies at a favoured company then that’s fine too. All the big names are there, so whether you want to join Apple or Amazon, Zurich Insurance or Zoom, you’ll find their latest job listings.

How to post a job

If you’re hiring, TechFinitive Jobs is a fantastic way to put your job in front of a network of two million talented prospects.

If you want to take advantage of premium tools and our exclusive audiences, post your role today.

Bigger employers will want to build their brand to attract the right talent. This also gives you a chance to showcase your culture, mission and your people.

Why has TechFinitive partnered with Jobbio?

As the UK’s fastest growing resource for IT and business professionals, TechFinitive gives readers a unique and informed perspective on how the latest innovations and trends can affect business outcomes. This makes it a valuable space for companies looking to position their job vacancies in front of such an audience.

“TechFinitive is tailored for current and future IT and business decision-makers, which is why we’re proud to partner with Jobbio’s Amply network to launch our new job board,” said TechFinitive’s Senior Director of Digital Operations, Ricardo Oliveira. “This job board represents real value for our community and amplifies our objective in helping our community navigate the new future of work.”

Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio, added: “TechFinitive is a dynamic publication with a switched-on readership, so we’re excited to bring our innovative tech to them and look forward to seeing the results play out in the form of powerful career connections.”  

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