Six great recruitment websites for software developers

Good news for software developers: you’re in demand. The global information technology market grew from $8,179 billion in 2022 to $8,852 billion this year, and is expected to explode to $11,996 billion in 2027.

Engineers and developers play a critical role in driving innovation, powering digital transformation and enabling remote work. And not just within the tech sector. Software expertise is a business necessity and highly valued by companies of all sizes, across industries –– and it pays exceptionally well.

Demand is fuelling a battle for software workers, and despite highly publicised tech and financial services layoffs, a talent crunch has developed, as companies search for workers with the right skills. Gartner measured this deficit in a 2022 survey and found that 86% of CIOs said they were experiencing more competition for qualified candidates, with 73% worried about IT talent attrition.

In-demand jobs

In particular, according to a recent hiring trends report, backend, frontend and full stack engineers are the top three most in-demand roles in the UK.

These jobs are the ones receiving the highest volume of interview requests compared to other roles, with data finding that demand for frontend engineers is outpacing that for backend engineers.

The report also found that starting pay for developers and engineers is 64% above the UK average, and despite layoffs and downsizing, 68% of engineers are confident they’ll remain in work––and be well paid doing it. UK engineering salaries are set to increase by 8% from 2021 to 2022.

If you’ve got software skills, you’re also well-placed to compete as emerging technologies come to the fore. The World Economic Forum’s 2022 Future of Jobs report found that artificial intelligence is expected to be adopted by nearly 75% of surveyed companies, with 50% of organisations expecting it to create job growth, and 25% expecting it to create job losses.

Additional roles are likely to emerge in areas such as AI and machine learning, information security and system engineering.

If you’re on the lookout now for a new role then check out the websites below.

Recruitment websites for software developers

Here are six popular recruitment websites that are known for listing job opportunities for software developers

  1. TechFetch is a specialized job portal for IT professionals, including software developers. It provides a platform for developers to search for jobs, post resumes, and connect with recruiters. The site covers a variety of IT roles and technologies.
  2. Remote OK is a job board specifically focused on remote work opportunities. Software developers looking for remote positions can find a variety of job listings on this platform. It allows users to filter jobs based on job type, including full-time, part-time, and contract positions.
  3. Dice is a specialized job board for technology professionals, including software developers. It provides a platform to search for software development jobs based on skills, experience, and location.
  4. AngelList / WellFound is a platform that connects startups with talent, including software developers. It features job listings from startup companies, making it a good resource for developers interested in working in innovative and entrepreneurial environments.
  5. Hired is a platform that connects tech talent, including software developers, with top companies. Developers create profiles, and companies then apply to interview candidates. It’s a curated platform that aims to streamline the hiring process.
  6. Glassdoor is known for company reviews and salary information, but it also has a job board with listings for software development roles. Developers can find job opportunities, read reviews from employees, and get insights into company culture.
Kirstie McDermott
Kirstie McDermott

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