Introducing TechFinitive x FlashForward

At TechFinitive, we are all about covering the latest trends in technology. Yet, we also enjoy going back in time and sharing a blast from the past.

It’s from that curiosity for the future and appreciation for the past, that a passion project started brewing… what if we went back to classic movies and reviewed the tech featured in them?

Cinema History is bountiful when it comes to predicting — or at least imagining — what tech will look like. Alien’s motion tracker. Skynet. Samantha (“Her”). The list really feels endless.

At the same time, in 2023 it feels like many of these technologies are actually here. From robotics to artificial intelligence, the leaps of imagination once seen in movies are slowly edging into everyday life.

This brings us to TechFinitive x FlashForwardin which we will find out if it just “feels” that way or whether there are actually companies making the tech predictions of the past a reality, today.

To bring a project like this to life a writer with a very particular set of skills was needed. Lucky for us, CNET’s former film and TV editor, Richard Knightwell, is both a film critic and a tech journalist. And he agreed to bring these two worlds together in what we think will be a fun newsletter to follow.

Here’s what Richard had to say: “Welcome to Flashforward! If you’re a movie fan and sci-fi nerd like me, this is the newsletter for you. We’ll be flashing back to our favourite films and flashing forwards to check in on today’s potentially game-changing technology.”

Give us a try by hitting the subscribe button below — it’s completely free.

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Ricardo Oliveira

Ricardo Oliveira is a Senior Director of Digital Operations at Engage Media Group. He frequently collaborates with TechFinitive's editorial team to create reports, industry analysis and custom content across a myriad of topics. He's based in Sydney, Australia.