Organisations looking to maximise their digital marketing reach for the minimum budget, take note. With the latest AI tools for digital marketing, it’s almost possible to achieve the impossible: for one skilled individual to do the work of five people.

Part of building an effective digital marketing campaign is ensuring the right audience is being targeted. This means fine-tuning ad targeting parameters, constant analysis of data, adaption to shifting trends, and many other tactical marketing adjustments.

This is where the competitive edge of AI and marketing technology (martech) plays a role. Organisations can outsource repetitive tasks so their teams can focus on high-level items that require human intervention.

In this article, we take a look at six AI tools for digital marketing and how they could help your organisation free up valuable resources.

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Tome is designed to articulate ideas. Marketed as not just a “deck, or a doc, or a splash page”, it serves as a multimedia canvas built for brainstorming, collaborating, and communicating.

This AI tool allows users to quickly produce images, text, alternatives, and sketches to establish a strong initial foundation. From there, users can refine and expand until they’re happy with the results.

Digital marketers can use Tome to create one-pagers, photo collages, presentations or splash pages. Marketing teams can use it to collaborate and create structured narratives around product launches.

How does Tome use AI and how can it help marketers?

Marketers can fine-tune copy by using AI to rewrite text, adjust tone, and reduce or extend its length. Tome also includes AI image libraries as well as the ability to create images from prompts. Finally, users can prompt Tome’s AI to generate narratives in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and German.

Every successful marketer will consider video as part of their marketing mix. After all, the second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube. However, video is both time-consuming and expensive to produce. Even more so if you want to push the videos across the myriad of platforms.

This is where comes into play. It allows users to turn long videos into multiple short clips, ready for social media. This allows a shorter turnaround time in editing and formatting content for platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

How does use AI and how can it help Marketers? claims that almost every tool in its armoury uses AI. While this is difficult to verify, we won’t quibble. The key thing is that it cuts down the amount of time required to perform tasks. Most notably, it can edit videos down to a particular length and format, create subtitles automatically through AI and even add emojis to particular sentences.

AI Tools in Digital Marketing –

For social media managers in particular, this sort of tool is a massive time-saver. What’s more, is currently working on integrating with social media platforms so that videos can be posted directly from the platform.


Grammarly is an incredibly popular online writing assistant. Its simple interface helps users review spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity and engagement. It can also detect plagiarism and suggest replacements for any identified errors. In short, if you’re typing on a computer, there’s no reason not to use it.

For digital marketers, it greatly assists with creating mistake-free copy, notably for blog posts and press releases. (Any grammatical mistakes here are purely of our own making!)


In March 2023, Grammarly joined the AI bandwagon with GrammarlyGo, essentially bringing ChatGPT-like capabilities to Grammarly. Users can use it to generate text that takes into account what Grammarly knows about your style, tone and the context in which you’re using tool. Given that context and your particular traits aren’t something ChatGPT understands, this is a clever piece of technology.

One area where GrammarlyGo shines is email. GrammarlyGo can read an email and draft a response that is tailored to you. It’s what Microsoft 365 Copilot promises, if you’re willing to pay £30 per seat per month. GrammarlyGo, by contrast, has a free tier while a business version costs $15 per month.


CleverTap is a customer management platform, typically used for omnichannel customer journey management. That means it stores and analyses customer data and then enables marketers to target them through marketing channels such as email, SMS and social media. The platform provides actionable strategies for building strong customer relationships, reducing churn and maximising customer lifetime value. It’s an all-in-one marketing tool used by more than 2,000 brands worldwide.

How does CleverTap use AI?

In April 2023, CleverTap launched Scribe, which analyses customer and audience engagement to detect sentiment. In a press release, CleverTap described how it had mapped out users’ emotions to five groups, which then enabled its clients to target them with hyper-personalised messages. CleverTap takes this one step further by enabling its customers to create copy for its campaigns, all within one interface.


FeedHive is an AI-powered social media posting tool. It allows social media managers to create, schedule, publish and manage social media content across different platforms. This type of tool has become popular in recent years but FeedHive has fully embraced AI as part of its strategy; here’s how.

How FeedHive uses AI in digital marketing

There are four areas through which AI is assisting FeedHive users and they’re all interconnected. Those areas are performance analysis, optimisation, scheduling and writing assistance.

FeedHive allows for AI-powered analytics to understand followers’ activity and engagement. This level of performance analysis in turn helps users understand how they can optimise their copy, what are the optimal times their posts should be scheduled for, and what ideas they should write about.

AI Tools Digital Marketing - FeedHive
Example of FeedHive’s AI Performance Prediction tool

It includes an inbuilt AI chat that can give suggestions based on past behaviour, thus saving time for a social media manager to focus on strategy and content. It also packs more than 3,000 pre-generated idea templates to help digital marketers get started on their social media posts.

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Now we come to the tool that started the generative AI craze. ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and it’s a large language model–based chatbot developed by OpenAI. Far more than a chatbot, it users can fine-tune and guide a conversation toward their preferred length, format, style, level of detail and language.

How can marketers use ChatGPT?

No article about AI tools in digital marketing would be complete without mentioning ChatGPT. With its powerfully trained personalised learning and language features, ChatGPT can be used in creating outlines for marketing strategies, writing blog posts and PR releases, conducting market research, and optimising copywriting and content creation.

ChatGPT is free for personal use, but any serious professional should consider its subscriber-based offerings. Discover exactly how ChatGPT Enterprise compares to ChatGPT Plus here.

AI Tools for digital marketing — conclusion

Marketing tools using AI can automate routine tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources while optimising execution across multiple channels. The strategic implementation of marketing technology isn’t just advantageous; it’s essential for businesses to stay relevant, agile, and responsive to the evolving needs of their organisation and their target audience.

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