Iconosquare Company Profile

What is Iconosquare?

Originally called ‘Statigram’ when it was launched in 2011, Iconosquare is a French-based Social Media Management tool, founded by Jerôme Boudot.

Initially created as a free analytics tool for Instagram, it has since evolved into a more comprehensive social media management tool, incorporating features rooted in analytics, social monitoring, collaboration and social media publishing. In 2015 it ditched its freemium model and become paid-only. In 2017 it launched a second office in Berlin.

During the period when it was free, the tool amassed 10M members. As of writing, Iconosquare claims to have more than 20,000 paying users[1].

Who owns Iconosquare?

Iconosquare is owned by Tripnity which was acquired in 2022 by Wedia Group, a publicly-traded French company specialising in Digital Asset Management, boasting more than 6,000 customers worldwide.

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Iconosquare features

A social media management tool helps business users, usually in marketing, with the many aspects that go with managing a brand profile online.

As mentioned above, Iconosquare had its start in analytics, displaying key metrics to Instagram users only, but has since expanded both the number of features offered and, also, what platforms those features are available in.

As of writing, Iconosquare can help social media managers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. However, it’s worth noting that not all figures are available on all plans (for more details on what’s available per plan, see our pricing section below).

Features breakdown

  • Social media analytics: users can measure how their account is performing, as well as how their content is. At the account level, that means being able to track, for example, how the number of followers is changing; at the content level, it means obtaining insights into how many people are liking or sharing content. One handy thing about their analytics offering is the ability to view multiple social media platforms side by side.
  • Reporting: similar to other marketing SaaS providers, Iconosquare allows users to create and automate reports, which can be downloaded into PDF or CSV format.
  • Social monitoring: another useful feature is the ability to “listen” to what is being published across different platforms by competitors or across relevant hashtags. Iconosquare allows businesses to keep a close eye on competitors and measure how their social media presence stacks up against the rest. Social monitoring also helps with getting ideas for content, as well as measuring sentiment towards a brand.
  • Content scheduling: publishing content on social media is a time-consuming process. If you happen to manage large accounts across more than one platform, it can quickly turn into a full-time job. Iconosquare offers users the ability to draft, schedule and automatically publish content, including optimizing towards the best times for maximum engagement. Note that scheduling features are not available for TikTok.
  • Multi-profile management: Iconosquare allows for managing multiple social profiles for different clients within the same dashboard. This is useful for agencies managing social profiles on behalf of third parties as well as businesses running more than one brand.
  • Collaboration: anchoring the whole platform are a number of collaboration tools that allow users to add team members, assign roles and permissions and coordinate with stakeholders from within the platform.

Free tools for social media managers

Iconosquare offers a few resources for free that social media managers can take advantage of.

  • Instagram and Facebook Audit: users can connect their profiles to Iconosquare and get a topline assessment of how their profiles are performing sent to their inbox. The assessment highlights what account optimizations can be done, what is being done right and what needs improvement. It also provides a score on a 0-100 scale. In many ways, this can be used similarly to how a webmaster might measure Core Web Vitals; something you do once a quarter to continuously measure performance.
  • Link in the bio” manager: Omnilink is a free redirect tool for Instagram; simple to use and handy for any social media managers attempting to drive traffic from the platform.
  • Random Comment Picker: if you are running sweepstakes or prize draws through Facebook and/or Instagram, chances are you are going to need to pick a winner. Iconosquares’ Random Comment Picker does exactly that, for free.
  • Screenshot Tweets for Instagram: Twinsta allows users to screenshot and crop tweets so that they are easily shareable on Instagram

In addition, each quarter Iconosquare publishes a free downloadable Social Media Calendar. They also keep their blog updated with insights from social media experts, both in written and podcast format.


The bigger the accounts and the more users involved in orchestrating content, the more valuable tools like Iconosquare tend to be. Presumably, if a business manages large accounts that must be kept up to date to drive revenue, then, one way or another, there will be a cost involved.

A business either hires multiple people (which will quickly amount to six-digit expenses hitting the bottom line) or neglects social media partially – or entirely – which can be even more costly. For a few thousand dollars a year, businesses can leverage tools like Iconosquare to streamline their processes and save thousands of dollars in manpower and/or missed opportunities.

Here’s what Iconosquare pricing looks like, broken down by tier[2]:

PlanPrice (when billed annually)Max Social ProfilesMax Users per TeamFeature Restrictions
Pro49€32– Core features only
Advanced79€5UnlimitedPro features plus:
– Promoted posts and mentions analytics (IG) + custom dashboards
– Post approval and collaboration
Enterprise139€10UnlimitedAdvanced features plus:
– Dashboard report customization
– Dedicated Customer Success program
A full breakdown of all Iconosquare features by plan can be found here.

By default, each plan caps the maximum number of social profiles and users per team (with the exception of Advanced and Enterprise for the latter). However, Iconosquare does offer the option to add additional team members and social profiles to a plan for a small additional fee. For example, if you want to stick to the Pro plan but need 3 users instead of the default 2, you can just pay an extra 15€ per month (instead of having to fully upgrade to Advanced).

Company Profile

Headquarters and locations

The company headquarters are in Limoges, France with a second office in Berlin, Germany.

Iconosquare milestones

May 5th 2011New feature launched: Statigram Memo
October 27th 2011Reaches 100,000 members milestone
November 23rd 2011Expands on initial features with the launch of a photo contest platform
August 8th 2012The company reaches 1,000,000 members
December 21st 2013New featured launched: Statigram Memo
April 23rd 2014Company rebranding; Statigram becomes Iconosquare
January 5th, 2015Company reaches 10,000,000 members
2nd half of 2015Launch of Iconosquare first paid plans.
June 30th 2016Iconosquare becomes Instagram partner
End of 2016 Launch of iPhone and Android mobile apps + Instagram post scheduler
April 18th 2017Berlin office opening
June 14th 2017Launch of Facebook analytics feature
November 14th 2017Iconosquare becomes Facebook marketing partner
September 2nd 2020Launch of Twitter analytics
June 2nd 2021Launch of Linkedin analytics
29 November 2021Launch of Tiktok analytics


Iconosquare is an official Instagram Partner and Meta Business Partner.

News mentions

Iconosquare was featured in France Bleu’s 2018 Summer series highlighting trailblazers in French social and economic industries.

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  • [2] Pricing accurate as of 19th June 2023, as seen on Iconosquare’s website: https://www.iconosquare.com/plans-and-pricing