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In our 1Password company profile, we deep dive into one of the leading companies in the password management field. 1Password is a password manager and digital vault application designed to help users securely manage their passwords and sensitive information. It is developed by AgileBits Inc.

Who founded 1Password and why/where?

The very first version of 1Password was built by Dave and Roustem as a weekend project to help them with their day jobs of building websites. They got tired of manually filling in usernames, passwords, and contact information to test the sites they were building and figured they could build a tool to automate that.

That weekend project became a reality in 2005 and the company was founded by Dave and Sara Teare, and Roustem and Natalia Karimov.

In May 2006 they uploaded the first version of 1Password to MacUpdate and VersionTracker.

A virtuous cycle quickly formed as users provided feedback, and the team pushed out new versions with additional features and bug fixes, which in turn resulted in more downloads and even more feedback.

Today, 1Password takes a human-centric approach to security so businesses, individuals, and developers can effortlessly safeguard their most private information.

What is 1Password’s mission statement?

1Password’s mission is to help people safeguard their most important information at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

1Password approach to security

Among other standalone password managers, 1Password has 17+ years of security and privacy leadership, never had a security breach, and boasts an award-winning customer service team.

  • Transparency: 1Password boasts of always having been transparent with customers – and promises to continue to in the future. Information about its security architecture and relevant company processes are openly documented.
  • Privacy of data: The company employs a zero-knowledge security model – it can’t see its customers’ data, so it can’t share it, sell it or use it. It also uses an additional 128-bit Secret Key on top of best-in-class encryption to keep customers’ personal and sensitive data secure.
  • Industry-leading support: 1Password is a customer-focused and consumer feedback-driven organization. It has consistently topped leading technology and business publications’ password manager rankings.
  • Security differentiators:
    • A combination of two ‘keys’ is required to unlock a 1Password account – unlike other password managers, which use only one (your account password).
    • 1Password also requires a Secret Key. This is created when users first sign up for 1Password (so only that user has access to it) and is needed in combination with the account password to successfully unlock the account.
      • What does this mean? The Secret Key requires two sets of secrets to unlock an encrypted vault, and makes it practically impossible to brute force even a weak password. If 1Password were to suffer a similar breach (knock on wood), the attacker would not be able to crack the combination of the account password and Secret Key. More details, here.
    • On top of the above, 1Password uses a feature called a Secure Remote Password, which allows the company to authenticate the user, without having to send either of those two keys over the network where it could be stolen.

What solutions does 1Password offer? What are some key features/benefits included?

Below we break down the different plans and solutions offered by 1Password and highlight some of the key benefits that are included with each.

1Password Personal

  • Makes it easy for individuals and families to protect their digital lives, by helping people store, manage, and use all types of sensitive data across any device.
    • Individual and family accounts
    • Autofill
      • 1Password saves and remembers how users access their accounts. Whether signing in using a password, a third-party provider (like Apple, Google, Facebook, and more), or a passkey (the newest form of a passwordless login), 1Password stores and auto-fills credentials to help users sign in quicker.
    • Cross-device compatibility
      • 1Password syncs across all devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, WatchOS, and web browsers. It can be unlocked using an account password or biometrics, such as FaceID or Windows Hello.
    • Authenticator
      • 1Password can be used as an authenticator for sites that use two-factor authentication, providing an added layer of security to accounts.
    • Sharing
      • Users can store all types of sensitive information, from passwords to credit cards, to medical records, and securely share them with family, or send individual secrets to anyone, even if they don’t use 1Password.

Business and Enterprise

  • Enterprise password manager that helps businesses improve security, visibility and control over how their passwords and company data are protected. Despite extensive enterprise spending on security solutions, the biggest security risks in any organization remain human error and fallibility and the use of unapproved software and services.
    • SSO
      • Business customers can integrate with their IdP to unlock their 1Password accounts with Single Sign-On (SSO) using Okta, Azure AD, Duo, and more.
    • 1Password Families
      • 1Password Business includes a free 1Password Families membership for everyone in your company
    • 2FA
      • Allows businesses to manage and enforce two-factor authentication for their teams
    • Security policies
      • Admins can save time and easily govern how and where their team uses 1Password to proactively keep them secure and compliant without adding friction.
    • Reports and Insights
      • 1Password’s Insights feature helps businesses get ahead of company-wide security risks and discover opportunities to improve their team’s security practices. Admins can track data breaches, password health, and team usage all in one place, with suggested next steps to take action.
    • Automated user provisioning
      • 1Password offers multiple invitation/onboarding mechanisms (email, sign-up link, slack) as well as automated provisioning and de-provisioning at scale with IdP integration via SCIM protocol

1Password for developers

  • Protects code from line one by helping users quickly and securely manage secrets throughout the entire software development lifecycle.
    • Shell plugins
      • Developers can eliminate API keys being stored on disk and instead can use fingerprints to automatically authenticate popular CLIs.
    • Infrastructure secrets management
      • Developers can secure, manage, and automate infrastructure secrets with 1Password Service Accounts, Connect Server, and integrations for top CI/CD tools including GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and CircleCI. 
    • 1Password for SSH
      • Developers can generate, store, and use SSH keys directly from 1Password for Git and other workflows.
    • Command-line tool
      • Developers can load secrets into scripts, automate administrative tasks and integrate 1Password directly into IDE or dev workflows.

Passwordless with passkey

  • Save & sign in with passkeys in 1Password and passkey unlock (June 6, 2023)
    • 1Password will begin to offer customers the ability to save and sign into online accounts with passkeys.
  • 1Password Passkeys Directory
    • A community-driven index of websites, apps, and services that offer signing in with passkey.
  • Passage by 1Password (May 18, 2023)
    • A standalone authentication solution that enables businesses to implement passkeys for apps and websites.
      • Passkey Complete — a comprehensive passwordless authentication and identity management solution that allows businesses to realize the security, business, and user experience benefits of having passkey logins by default. Passkey Complete supports all major platforms, browsers, and devices (including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows) and provides other passwordless methods as fallbacks if users lose access.
      • Passkey Flex — a flexible solution for companies to add passkeys to existing authentication infrastructure so businesses can make progress in passkey adoption

1Password headquarters and locations

1Password is headquartered in Toronto. The company has been fully remote since day one with employees across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Company Accreditation, Compliance and Regulatory Profile

1Password is frequently audited by third parties and makes the results publicly available on its website.

Company Timeline (6-10 moments in time that were relevant to the company history)

  • 2005: Dave Teare, Sara Teare, Natalia Karimov and Roustem Karimov found AgileBits
  • 2006: Released 1Password for Mac
  • 2010: Released 1Password for iOS and Windows
  • 2016: Launched 1Password memberships
  • 2018: Launched 1Password Business
  • 2019: Partnered with Accel
  • 2022: Released Developer Tools
  • 2023: 1Password + passkeys

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