Protect is one of’s five key pillars. Here, we provide in-depth analysis of emerging threats to businesses along with a wealth of articles that will never go out of date – because the sad truth is that attackers will always be after our data. 

We have a particular focus on ransomware, from simple guides to the key terms to the real-world after effects of a phishing attack. But we also want to provide practical advice on how to protect your business, whether that’s putting defensive measures in place or reminding people of the basics of cyber hygiene

One of our key advantages is the depth and breadth of our writers’ experience. Davey Winder is one of the UK’s most respected cybersecurity journalists, having won numerous awards (it helps that he was once a hacker himself) and been covering cybersecurity ever since it became a “thing” in the 1990s. 

We also draw on the knowledge that KG Orphinades earns in their day job, advising local small businesses on how to stay secure (KG also runs a website dedicated to VPNs). Last, and most definitely not least, Simon Edwards is CEO and founder of SE Labs, one of the world’s leading security testing labs, and a board member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO).

If you have a story that you would like to share – and we are happy to keep company names anonymous – then email us at [email protected], follow us on Twitter or join our community on LinkedIn.

Hooded figure representing ransomware attacker


How ransomware attacks work

One of the UK's leading security experts reveals how attackers break in to business networks and extort ransoms from their victims. And you can't breathe easy afterwards, as they will likely attack again.
What is zero trust - man in glass bubble


What is Zero Trust?

A "never trust, always verify" approach to information security has never been more important, with stolen credentials increasingly used to access networks and data. Is zero trust the answer?
Lock to show business security


How to secure your business online

There's a one in two chance that your business is an easy target for hackers. Simon Edwards, founder of one of the world's leading testing labs, explains the practical measures companies can take to tighten security.


Securing Microsoft 365

This e-book explores modern threats, best practices for protecting users and data, and what capabilities to look for when enhancing your Microsoft 365 defences


Protecting the End User

This gated guide reveals how companies can best assess and mitigate user risk and how they can use that information to implement a successful and people-centric cybersecurity strategy.