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Darien Graham-Smith

Darien is one of the UK's most knowledgeable technical journalists. You will find him in PC Pro magazine, writing reviews for a variety of sites and on guitar with his band The Red Queens. His explainer articles help TechFinitive's audience understand how technology works.
what is storage backup pictured as woman with laptop files streaming into cloud and multiple computers

What is storage backup?

Wondering what is storage backup? Darien Graham-Smith explains in detail what it is, why you might need it and how to do it properly.
what is a thin client - dell OptiPlex wyse example

What is a thin client?

What is a thin client? How is it different from a laptop? Why is it called "thin"? This explainer from Darien Graham-Smith answers these and many other questions
What is Converged Infrastructure?

What is converged infrastructure?

What is converged infrastructure? Ultimately, it's a collection of systems working together. But what systems exactly? And how? Read our explainer to fully understand how it all works together.
what are servers - picture of a server room

What are servers?

The term "server" is bandied around casually, but servers come in many forms - including software. It makes sense to understand the nuances.
What is AIOps?

What is AIOps?

Originally coined by analyst Gartner, AIOps refers to the use of AI systems in managing and supporting IT workflows. Here, we explain what that means in practice.
what is generative ai

What is generative AI?

We delve deep into the world of generative AI: what exactly do we mean by the term? How does it work? What are its possible uses? And what are its downsides?
Intel vCore

What is Intel vPro?

Does your business need to invest in Intel's vPro technology? What benefits does it actually offer? We reveal all.