Logitech gives keyboard and mouse owners one-click access to ChatGPT

Why pay Microsoft or Google to integrate generative AI into your apps when your keyboard or mouse can do it with one click? An update to Logitech’s Options+ software gives all owners instant, free access to ChatGPT.

It doesn’t matter if you’re typing in Word, Google Docs, Outlook or simply browsing the web. All you need to do is press a button and you’re taken straight to ChatGPT services, making it a matter of moments to rephrase a sentence or answer a question.

Bearing in mind that this is a key part of the promise offered by Microsoft Copilot 365 and Google Gemini, with their associated costs, this could save individuals hundreds of pounds a year. And for a business, it might be a game-changer: not only is it free, it also means that employees can integrate AI into their workflow in a pain-free way.

While the service currently integrates with ChatGPT alone, Logitech says that it is open to working with other suppliers of AI services.

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How the Logitech’s ChatGPT integration works

If you own a Logitech keyboard or mouse, all you need do is download the latest Options+ software from Logitech. In the “What’s new” pop-up that appears when you first load it, you’ll see the Logi AI Prompt Builder.

“Rephrase, summarize, and create custom-made prompt recipes with ChatGPT faster, with virtually no disruption to your workflow,” it promises. Before adding that it’s only available in English for now.

logitech chatgpt in action

If you’re using a Logitech mouse with programmable buttons, you’ll see two AI actions on offer. Open AI Prompt Builder, which allows you to create your own “recipes”, and Open ChatGPT to show the familiar dialog.

logitech ai click shortcuts going to ChatGPT
On the left, the recipes option in the AI Prompt Builder; on the right, ChatGPT on show

The only thing you’ll need to do is login to your ChatGPT account (assuming you have one) when you first try the shortcuts. And if you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise then you’ll have full access to your usual services.

It’s a similar story for keyboards, but I found the action much more useful when using a mouse.

logitech chatgpt integration for keyboards

Going one step further with AI smart actions

This development follows Logitech adding “Smart Actions” to its Options+ software. This allows users to create their own mini programs – very similar to macros – based upon a series of steps.

The “AI Summarise Text” action you see below is one created by Logitech, but you can create your own Smart Actions easily.

To mark the occasion, Logitech is also selling a special edition mouse. The Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse, pictured below, will cost $49.99 in the US and £54.99 in the UK and is only available direct from the Logitech website. It will go on sale this month.

Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse
The Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse in all its glory

As you can see, it has a dedicated green button for AI services. And I must admit, that would be useful, as I find that I use all the current shortcuts on my mice and found it difficult to retrain my muscle memory when I reassigned one of the buttons.

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