When thinking about tech hotspots, chances are you might ignore Irish cities in favour of global stars such as San Francisco, London and Berlin. But we think you should open your horizons. After reading through our guide to the top tech companies in Galway, Ireland, you will discover some businesses doing great and — in one case — life-saving work.

Not that this is the first time we’ve shone a light on the amazing businesses within Ireland. We’ve already written about the best tech companies in Cork and seven top tech businesses in Limerick. And while the capital is perhaps more obvious, we’ve covered nine brilliant tech companies in Dublin too.

During our research for Galway, we found some truly unique companies with big dreams. Sadly we can’t share all of them here, instead focusing on eight tech companies in Galway producing cutting-edge products and solutions.

Retail Solutions

Is it too obvious to say that Retail Solutions provides solutions for retailers? More specifically, it offers technology for almost every part of the shopping experience, with checkout services, shelf labels and loyalty programs all included as part of its offering.

retail solutions galway shelf label
With Electronic Shelf Labels, you can control prices instantly for flash sales

Retail Solutions provides two key reasons for turning to a solution provider for these processes: streamlining and reliability. There’s no more irritating experience while shopping than finding out something isn’t the price you thought it was. With its Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), this is a thing of the past.

The electronic labels are connected to Retail Solutions’ integrated EPOS system, meaning that updating prices is far easier for the retailer as well. As all systems synchronise with that database, clunky asynchronous pricing becomes a thing of the past.

Retail Solutions tailors its systems to half a dozen different retail sectors and also offers management and consultancy throughout the process of migrating retailers to its products. Little wonder that big names such as Londis and Costcutter use its services.


university college cork PAC Galway tech company
University College Cork is one of PAC’s many clients

We see headlines each year about students entering university education, often associated with the clearings process or tougher marking on exams. But one item that never gains headlines is how the admissions process is managed. PAC is one such solution, aimed at streamlining the admissions process for higher education institutes.

The last thing a stressed student applying to university wants is a hard-to-understand application process. Thankfully, PAC offers universities a clear and visual workflow manager as well as easy form builders, bringing the entire process in line with modern ways of working.

By processing applications through PAC, the Galway-based company promises lower administrative costs, an easy process for applicants, greater applicant numbers and further insights that let institutions view the data in the form of easy charts.

Having processed over 200,000 applications in its 20+ years of experience, and with such notable clients as University College Cork and University College Dublin, PAC is clearly a system you can rely on to manage the application process.


In an increasingly digital age, digital security is ever more important, and one company that understands that is the award-winning TitanHQ.

Take phishing, the method many cyber attackers use to gain access to company networks. For example, ALPHV/BlackCat has gained much “success” through this technique. Alongside the standard email encryption you might expect, TitanHQ strengthens the human element of defences via ‘SafeTitan’. SafeTitan creates engaging real-time training, including a gamified test. It also offers always-on phishing campaigns, designed to find a comprehensive ‘Behaviour Vulnerability Score’.

TitanHQ also offers customisable, scalable and easy-to-manage content filters for web browsing. Its software even includes real-time detection and prevention for phishing and malware.

Channel Mechanics

Running a successful business requires owners and senior teams to keep many balls in the air. One of the most important things for these growing companies to keep on top of is keeping track of their partners, which only gets harder as they grow bigger.

channel mechanics

Channel Mechanics‘ solution is a cloud-based platform that simplifies and manages a company’s partner programs more efficiently.

A simple dashboard can break down everything you need to keep track of your partners and their individual needs. From budgets, incentives and sales activity, you can track, compare and manage it all in one place. It also ensures none of your business partners are being ignored.


siren galway
Siren’s platform helps to make sense of the internet wilds

We all know the internet is a big place, but now imagine what that means if you have to police it. That’s exactly the task facing cybercrime investigators. Fortunately for them, the process is made significantly faster thanks to tools like Siren.

Siren connects previously separated systems, joining business intelligence dashboards, link analysis and content search all on one platform. It gives analysts a metaphorical Swiss army knife of an application.

But what could this be used for? A quick glance at Siren’s case studies shows an impressive record. Between investigations of insider fraud to organised crime, Siren boasts an investigative platform that would put even Columbo to shame.


Public transport is the backbone of any thriving economy, so it only makes sense that managing any bus line should be done only after a great amount of research. Fortunately for said companies, CitySwift is here to help.

CitySwift offers a full breakdown of data on any bus network to best analyse efficiency, punctuality, reliability and demand. One party that serves as a perfect case study for this system is National Express, boasting a massive reduction in the number of late buses and wait time.

The team behind the technology has over 40 years of experience in the bus industry, and if the glowing review from Andy Foster of National Express is anything to go by that experience has been put to excellent use.

“They are not just another IT company saying, ‘Oh, we know how to use big data and we’re sure we know how it can apply to you.’ They actually know how it can be applied effectively”

Andy Foster, Director of Network Planning, National Express


Ronspot Galway app
Ronspot’s app combines parking, meeting and desk booking into one system

Viewed from a distance, we are still early on our journey towards hybrid working. The shift from central and hub offices to one where remote working plays such a key role has been bumpy, to say the least, which is where companies such as RonSpot may just have the solution.

RonSpot does this by creating an all-in-one booking system — combining desk, parking and meeting management into one centralised app. This system seeks to give more agency to the employees, letting them choose where and when they can work in-app.

The benefits of this are obvious, letting the employees know on the go who’s in the office to better plan team meetings, and even including interactive maps to book desks and parking spaces well in advance. That way nobody will be caught off-guard on those days where they come into work.

Related: Desana Networks is a similar company we’ve written about before when we covered top tech companies in Edinburgh.


Perfuze doesn’t sound like a tech company. After all, its focus is the safe and efficient removal of blood clots, a procedure that if done correctly can be the difference between life or death for a patient suffering from a stroke. What makes Perfuze interesting is the Millipede 088, a technological innovation that promises to transform patient outcomes.

Perfuze Millipede 088 Galway tech company
The Millipede 088 uses suction to increase the chance of first-pass clot removal

Described as “next-generation catheter-based aspiration technology”, this is designed to remove blood clots through a method of suction rather than dragging. Its key benefit is the ability to more frequently remove the clot in one pass, which almost doubles the likelihood of a positive outcome.

While the Millipede is still in development, by June 2022 — when announcing that it had secured €22.5 million in Series A funding — Perfuze stated that Millipede 088 “has successfully treated its first cohort of patients.”

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