Viggy Balagopalakrishnan

Viggy Balagopalakrishnan

Viggy Balagopalakrishnan writes Unpacked, where every week he deep dives into one tech topic or product strategy and publishes his analysis (with some opinions sprinkled in).
AI-enabled SaaS vs Moatless AI

AI-enabled SaaS vs moatless AI

Several enterprise SaaS companies have announced generative AI features recently, which is a direct threat to AI startups that lack sustainable competitive advantage, writes independent analyst Viggy Balagopalakrishnan.
FTC Case Against Amazon - Prime

FTC’s case against Amazon is misunderstood

The FTC is making a nuanced argument about how Amazon abused monopoly power through anti-discounting measures and tying in Prime with Fulfilled by Amazon, and in the end it's consumers that could lose.