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When you think of Athens, your mind likely heads to ancient times. The birth of the Olympic Games, great philosophers such as Plato and Socrates, or perhaps the mathematical breakthroughs of Pythagoras. However, the Greek capital — and Greece as a whole — remains a hotbed of innovation today, thanks in part to the National Technical University of Athens.

While it’s impossible to fully capture all the great tech developments happening in modern-day Athens, here’s a shortlist of six tech companies that are adding to Greece’s proud legacy of innovation.

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Lab12’s audio systems show one thing first and foremost: its employees are passionate about what they make. Between the enthused way they describe what they do to standout designs, the company’s pride in its work is as clear as the sound its products produce.

Nor does Lab12 follow the crowd. These are unique designs, a world away from the usual monochromatic colours and simple shapes that can be found elsewhere. Designs such as the integre4 MK2 are made to be seen.

Top Tech Companies Athens: Labs 12 integra4
The integre4 MK2 is an audiophile amp designed to be seen as well as heard

But is its tech up to scratch? According to Part-Time Audiophile, which gave the integre4 Mk2 its ‘Best Value for 2022’ award, yes.

Between the glowing reviews and its evident passion, it’s obvious that Lab12 will continue to make high-end audio systems for the audiophiles that make up its team and the rest of the world for years to come.

Profile Software

In digital finance terms, Profile Software has been around as long as the Parthenon. Founded in 1990, it’s certainly not stuck in the past, having migrated many of its products to the cloud and with a promise that it puts sustainability at the heart of its processes.

You may not have heard of Profile Software, however, as it has traditionally focused on the banking and finance sectors. Nor is it aimed at small institutions, with its bespoke, tailored approach far better suited to large enterprises.

While it may not exude glamour, to keep going and reinventing itself for over 30 years shows that Profile Software is built on firm foundations that would make temple builders jealous. And its reach now goes far beyond its Athens beginnings, with offices in 48 countries.


From the world of mobile services comes M-STAT, which develop apps for other companies. A quick look at its portfolio shows a wide range of different products, from an app for wine lovers to alerts for school buses. M-STAT, it seems, is happy to take on any challenge.

One reason to choose M-STAT rather than create an app from scratch is that it has a variety of tools and platforms you can take advantage of. These will keep you in touch with your customers, whether that’s bulk SMS sending, email marketing or tapping into its omnichannel comms platform.

With an emphasis on custom development, M-STAT clearly meets the needs of many companies that want to reach Greek customers. Judging from several high-profile insurance and news companies in its portfolio, this is a company well worth watching — or hiring if you want to crack the Greek market.


Top Tech Companies Athens: Olisoft
Olisoft’s digital signage system can be found in banks across Greece

Walk past digital signage in Greece and there’s an excellent chance it will be based on a platform created by Olisoft. It’s a great example of a company that pivoted when it saw an opportunity, starting with document security for banks back in 2005 before seizing its chance in the world of digital signage two years later.

Its key product is Re-sign, a platform that it says is “powerful, modular and scalable”. To the point that Olisoft claims it will work for you whether you have one display to manage or thousands.

Not that Olisoft has completely given up on its banking roots, with banks as one of its prime customer areas. Why not, it suggests, install digital signage “around waiting areas, behind teller-desks, next to ATMs, in private banking waiting areas or facing entrances”?

Space Hellas

Calling itself a “System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider”, Space Hellas is perhaps the biggest name on this list. It’s certainly the oldest, having been active for over 35 years.

A look at Space Hellas’ website will tell you why it’s so successful. The company delivers in almost every corner of digital integration, whether that’s cybersecurity or its ‘customer experience’ program. If you need further confirmation, consider its impressive list of partnered companies: BT, Lenovo and Microsoft are just three examples.

Space Hellas’ technology also supports several major systems in Greece, including ones designed for data collection by the police. These “predict, prevent, investigate and verify criminal activities on the internet”, whilst also supplying a secure VPN for police use.


Vertitech follows the good old-fashioned route of portmanteaus when it comes to names. Think vertical IT tech solutions and you won’t go far wrong, and this company does it all: consulting, app development and systems integration. But its class act is also a classroom act: a school management app called Classter.

Its promise is to simplify life for educators, students and IT teams, with one system to rule them all. And its solution has spread far beyond Greece, covering more than 35 countries and “hundreds” of educational organisations.

So what can Classter do for you? Pretty much everything you can think of. It covers the traditional role of a learning management system (LMS) for educational resources, plus billing/payments, IT systems management and admissions.

Appropriately, if you head to its homepage you can take a three-minute quiz to find out if it’s right for you…

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