While there are plenty of cities where the tech industry is booming, from London to New York, few compare to the startup capital of Europe: Berlin.

With two new digital companies launched daily in Berlin and an estimated 130,000 people employed in its digital economy, it’s the place to watch for the latest tech trends. From digital solutions targeting cybersecurity threats to innovative digital marketing solutions, Berlin is no stranger to digitisation.

For this article, we shortlisted seven tech companies doing extraordinary work out of Berlin. These companies might not be as well known as German giants such as SAP or Siemens, but they are becoming leaders in their respective verticals.

In no particular order, here’s the list; click on each company name to jump to its section. Or simply scroll down to learn about the best and brightest tech companies in Berlin.


Ever heard of sulphur hexafluoride or SF6? Lucky for us all, Nuventura and its founder, Manjunath Ramesh, have.

SF6 is a type of gas with a global warming potential about 23,000 times bigger than CO2. Unbeknown to most — including us here at TechFinitive — it’s also commonly found in medium-voltage switchgear, which makes for a deadly combination of “dangerous” and “widely used”.

For switchgear is everywhere: these are the devices that control, protect and isolate the power systems we all rely on.

Top Tech Companies in Berlin
Some of the awards won by Nuventura

Nuventura develops SF6-free, gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) that replaces SF6 – the world’s strongest greenhouse gas – with dry air. Dry air is just natural, breathable air, but with the moisture removed – therefore a completely natural gas with no global warming potential. Nuventura’s technology maintains GIS standards in terms of reliability and physical dimensions, whilst addressing the environmental problem posed by SF6. By replacing SF6 with dry air, Nuventura offers an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance and high-performance technology that has been certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Lowering and preventing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the primary ways companies can improve environmental health. Nuventura’s efforts in replacing SF6 help it rank high as one of the leading companies promoting new sustainability efforts not just in Berlin, but across the world.

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No business has the same needs as another; the first tech company on our list understands that. 

Headquartered in Berlin, Xayn provides semantic search solutions for businesses seeking tailored solutions, typically publishers and web-based companies.

Xayn’s personalised semantic search plug-in goes one step above traditional services by identifying the meaning behind a search query, rather than simply looking for the best match to a text string. With this tailored approach to search, Xayn has helped companies grow revenue by over 30% while saving at least 50% on total costs – all on top of using 90% less energy than current systems.

Xayn recently launched Xaynia, an AI-powered semantic search solution. Backed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Xaynia promises accurate results based on its knowledge of the users’ search queries, context and individual preferences.

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Perseus Technologies

Cybersecurity is increasingly important in the modern digital world, with companies and users facing repeat attacks and threats to their personal information. Since Berlin faces an estimated 15 million attempted cyberattacks yearly, there’s undeniably a massive problem that needs to be addressed to stop the threat of cybercrime.

There are plenty of cybersecurity solutions in the market that focus on protecting your infrastructure. Firewalls and Identity & Access Management (IAM), are examples of solutions that help you secure your business online.

Perseus Technologies‘ offering is all about prevention and education, arguably the best form of protection.

Starting at roughly €1 per employee/month, its cyber security portal and risk assessment solutions equip employees with the knowledge to prevent attacks. Should things turn sour, it offers companies 24/7 emergency assistance as well as an emergency response plan.

With over 7,000 customers, Perseus Technologies seems to be doing well in the German market and is one to watch coming out of Berlin.

Caspar Health

As one of the leaders in the global healthcare industry, Berlin has a lot of credibility when it comes to digital healthcare solutions. This entry on our list of the top tech companies in Berlin shows the massive potential for innovative healthcare solutions in the capital city’s already thriving market.

Founded in Berlin, Caspar Health is one of the market’s most innovative digital healthcare solutions. It solves the challenges and problems of traditional rehabilitation services through a combined care model and unique software. Patients can get effective rehabilitation services while maintaining their independence and autonomy during treatment.

With pre-configured and individualised therapy plans, plus over 1,100 pieces of scientifically proven therapy content, Caspar Health even got the attention of Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, back in 2018.

During the 5th Microsoft Accelerator program, Satya Nadella spoke about Caspar Health.


Originating from real-time trading middleware used by investment banks, deepstreamHub now helps companies access and synchronise data in real-time. Connecting browsers, smartphones, backends and the Internet of Things (IoT), deepstreamHub is a fast-growing company in Berlin’s tech scene.

In its own words, deepstreamHub combines the “power of a document-oriented datastore with the speed of high-performance message brokers”. In layman’s terms, it provides the infrastructure required for data to travel to web services as quickly as possible.

Ticketmaster — one of its customers — offers a good example.

We’ve all experienced what it means to be in a queue to buy tickets online. Those transactions depend on thousands (if not millions) of data points being shared and synced in milliseconds. Getting it wrong is not just frustrating for the end user: it can be extremely expensive for the merchant too.

deepstreamHub’s technology helps Ticketmaster cater for high volumes of concurrent users and requests in real-time (among other benefits).

In addition to Ticketmaster, deepstreamHub counts some of the world’s largest organisations among its customers, including Nike and T-Mobile.

DECA Games

Headquartered in Berlin, DECA Games is one of the most innovative businesses in the gaming industry.

DECA Games focuses on Game Operations and Games-as-a-Service, which is a way to say it helps ageing video games stay relevant beyond their natural “expiry” date. Games decline in popularity for a myriad of reasons; age, a developer no longer being able to support the project, and shifting audience interest, just to name a few.

Often, even though a game is no longer a priority for its original developer, it might still have a dedicated community of players that want to keep playing it — and that means an opportunity to make money. But as far as the players are involved, DECA Games helps ensure beloved games can be cherished for years to come.

Penta by Qonto

Acquired in 2022 by French Fintech company, Qonto, for a reported €200 million, Berlin-based Penta provides advanced digital banking solutions for startups and SMEs, enabling them to automate banking, invoicing and other financial processes.

Individuals and small businesses often can’t afford to hire their own finance staff or even outsource their accounting. Yet, they are burdened by the same accounting demands of any business: ensuring there’s cash flow, bookkeeping, compliance, payroll, you name it.

Penta by Qonto, the resulting product of the aforementioned acquisition, now helps more than 350,000 businesses run all of those banking and accounting processes in-house. Those businesses take advantage of a user-friendly web app and a dedicated customer support team that have helped Qonto become a serious fintech player not just in Germany, but across Europe.

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