5 great sites to find tech jobs in the UK

In the UK, tech employment accounted for about 2,043,622 workers in 2022, according to CompTIA. This was a 1% increase over 2021, and employment in the sector is projected to increase by almost 1% this year too.

In fact, the industry accounted for about 6.3% of the country’s overall workforce last year and it contributes about £82 billion to the economy.

With the UK making a name for itself in particular across areas such as IT consultancy, telecoms, software and tech manufacturing, jobs are commanding a premium that’s 55% higher than the prevailing median wage across the UK labour market.

5 websites to find great tech jobs in the UK

If you’re looking for a tech job in the UK all of the below websites are worth checking out.

  1. Indeed is a widely used job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources, including company career pages, job boards, and recruitment agencies. You can search for tech jobs in specific locations, set up job alerts, and upload your resume for employers to find.
  2. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that also serves as a job search portal. Many companies and recruiters actively use LinkedIn to post job opportunities and connect with potential candidates. You can create a detailed professional profile, follow companies, and join relevant groups to stay updated on the latest job openings.
  3. Monster is a general job search platform that covers various industries, including technology. It allows you to search for tech jobs based on keywords, location, and job type. You can also upload your resume and receive personalized job recommendations.
  4. Reed is a general job site that covers various industries, including technology. It allows users to search for tech jobs based on location, salary, job type, and more. Reed also provides career advice and resources to help job seekers in their search.
  5. Glassdoor is a platform that not only provides job listings but also offers company reviews, salary information, and insights into the interview process. Job seekers can find tech jobs in the UK, read reviews from current and former employees, and gain valuable insights into the workplace culture of different companies.

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Kirstie McDermott
Kirstie McDermott

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