How can I stop devices using Sky Wi-Fi?

There are many reasons to block a specific device from using your Sky Wi-Fi: perhaps the kids are refusing to put down their smartphones at the dinner table; maybe your significant other has developed an all-consuming Fortnite addiction – or it could be that you’re just a Machiavellian genius who wants to watch the world burn. Whatever the rationale, here’s how to stop devices using Sky Wi-Fi.

The process is fiddly, but it should only take a couple of minutes to have the Wi-Fi all to yourself.

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Step by step guide to stopping devices from using Sky Wi-Fi

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. LAN IP Setup

    First, type into your browser’s address bar, which will take you to the Sky settings page. A pop-up will appear asking for your username (admin) and password (sky). Once you’re through this Fort Knox-level security, click on the Advanced tab. Click LAN IP Setup on the lower horizontal menu.LAN TCP IP Setup Sky Hub

  2. Address Reservation

    Scroll down to the Address Reservation section and click the Add button.Address Reservation

  3. Devices connected to home network

    This will bring up a table of all of the devices connected to your home network. We take security very seriously here at TechFinitive so I’ve blurred my devices (three Wi-Fi kettles, since you ask). Make a note – either by copying and pasting or good old-fashioned pen and paper – of the IP address of the device you want to expel from the Wi-Fi.
     Attached Devices Table

  4. Click on the Security tab

    With that safe, click on the Security tab (you may be asked for your password again) and Firewall Rules directly beneath it. Create Firewall Rules

  5. Click Add button under Outbound Services

    Scroll down to the “Outbound services” section and, once again, click on the Add button.  Outbound Services

  6. Configure IPv4 Settings

    This will take you to an intimidating page full of strange mixtures of letters and numbers. Under IPv4 Settings, change the dropdown boxes (in bold) to the following:
    Service – Any(ALL)
    Action – BLOCK Always
    Access from – Single address
    Once that’s done, the form should look like this…
     IPv4 Settings

The final step is to type the device’s IP address next to “Source IPv4 LAN start address”, click the pink Apply button and cackle evilly. Cue pandemonium as the owner of the device suddenly loses their Wi-Fi connection.

Want to undo the process? Navigate back to the Firewall Rules page and delete the new listing in the Outbound Services box.

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