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Jason Wynn

Microsoft is hard-wired into Jason’s DNA. He is a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer, with nearly two decades of experience across everything from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams to Office 365. His day job is Presales Specialist at Carillion.
copilot in powerpoint

What is Copilot in PowerPoint?

Microsoft Copilot 365 is on its way, and Copilot in PowerPoint could be one of its most loved new tools. Here, Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn explains how it will work in practice.
copilot in teams

What is Copilot in Teams?

If you use Microsoft Teams, you may just find that Copilot becomes your best friend ever. Here, Jason Wynn, a Microsoft MVP, explains how Copilot in Teams will work - and make your working day that much more effective.
Microsoft Copilot Excel

What is Microsoft Copilot Excel?

Copilot for Excel looks set to be one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft's AI armoury. Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn explains how it will help you generate insights based on your data.