Cisco signs agreement with telecom giant to expand cybersecurity services

Cisco and Norway-based telecom giant Telenor have extended their long-running partnership with two main aims: to develop scalable as-a-service business models, with a focus on cybersecurity, and to improve digital skills around the world.

Much of this will focus on multicloud, where companies source cloud services from a variety of companies. Cisco and Telenor want to showcase how multicloud-as-a-service can help businesses use multiple clouds more effectively.

This work builds on Cisco’s growing security portfolio. Over the past three years, it has acquired Valtrix, a multicloud security specialist, Kenna Security, Duo Security and many more.

It also sees Telenor develop its status as a worldwide player. It has 158 million subscribers across the Nordics and Asia, and the next step is to develop cybersecurity automation in Telenor’s Grameenphone operations in Bangladesh.

How will Cisco and Telenor achieve their plans?

The companies’ key plans are to develop new flexible and scalable as-a-service business models to accelerate adoption in cybersecurity and multicloud.

This will build on Telenor’s Security Touch-Free Operations initiative, which uses automation to reduce cybersecurity threat response times.

The companies also plan to accelerate Cisco’s “Internet for the Future” initiative. As one of the key players in the foundation of today’s internet, it wants to simplify the infrastructure to make it easier to deliver cutting-edge solutions (such as augmented reality) and improve security.

Cisco and Telenor are also combining their ESG efforts, with a specific focus on digital skills and inclusion, safe connectivity, youth empowerment and education. And, of course, sustainability.

What the companies say

“As Cisco and Telenor continue to work together, we can truly power an inclusive future for all by leveraging our shared values and innovation to accomplish even more in the markets we jointly serve,” said Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco in a press release

“The extension of our relationship will bolster our efforts to help connect more people and businesses, and positively impact society with enhanced skills for digital inclusion”, Robbins added.

“We made this collaboration extension with Cisco almost a tradition,” said Sigve Brekke, President CEO, Telenor.

“I am excited we are jointly transforming offerings to an as-a-service model that will enable the broadest base of our customers by using the most advanced, flexible, and simple-to-use cybersecurity and multi-cloud as-a-service.”

Previous work together

In 2018, Cisco and Telenor Group initiated a cooperative relationship to support digital transformation.

They have since collaborated on enhancing connected experiences for Telenor customers with improved 5G, cloud, data analysis, IoT, Open vRAN, Smart City and security solutions.

Clearly it’s a partnership that works for both businesses, as this is the fifth iteration of their joint agreement.

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Zara Powell
Zara Powell

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