Red Kubes launches startup accelerator programme

Dutch startup Red Kubes has launched a programme designed to encourage innovation in other startups. Companies based in the UK and Netherlands less than three years old, with a maximum of 25 employees and €3 million turnover, are eligible. 

The Otomi Startup Programme provides Red Kube’s software for free, with a limit of 100 cores per company. Startups can then deploy and securely run containerised applications to accelerate their time-to-market (TTM) in the critical growth phase.

“We are super excited to be able to support the startup community in their innovation efforts by getting their apps into production super quickly,” said Rouven Besters, CEO of Red Kubes.

“Through our unique way of helping them run their software development and deployment pipelines more efficiently, we hope to empower them with more capacity to focus on their business objectives.” 

Who is Red Kubes and why is it doing this?

Red Kubes is the creator of the production-ready platform Otomi. It is designed to deliver automation, integration and configuration of all the required capabilities to use Kubernetes in production.

As such, it’s designed to lower burdens on operations teams while guaranteeing application security and availability. Companies involved in the programme will also benefit from Red Kube’s proprietary software for up to a year.

Why provide it for free? A clue comes from Sonder Rodenhuis, founder and CTO of Red Kubes: “Deploying Otomi will demonstrate to companies how easy it can be to set up a production-ready environment while leading open-source components from the ecosystem without having to strenuously engineer and build up in-depth skills.”

And publicity never hurts, of course. However, Red Kubes adds that it has built this programme to give back to developers so they can achieve more through providing support to accelerate apps from startups into production. 

Companies can apply to participate in the program on the Red Kubes website. The application timeline is one week to evaluate eligibility, after which planning and installation occur (when applicable).

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