HP Z8 Fury G5 workstation product guide: exclusive video, price and availability

Chances are that your current graphics workstation is a huge beast, feasting on both desk space and energy. Buy one of the HP Z8 Fury G5 graphics workstations and that could all change, despite the phenomenal power within.

And when we say phenomenal, we mean it. It supports Intel’s latest Xeon “Sapphire Rapid” processors, with up to 56 cores, plus up to four Nvidia RTX A6000 graphics cards. All in one compact desktop chassis.

HP Z8 Fury G5: videos and photos

So, how has HP achieved this feat? Watch our exclusive video, shot at an HP launch event, for a one-minute guide.

And here are some official HP photos…

Price and availability

Although the HP Z8 Fury G5 is meant to be available for pre-order already, we have only found this to be true in the US. Here, you can buy from the HP store today and it will be shipped within three weeks.

In the UK, follow the labyrinthine links and you will land on the product’s homepage. Click preorder, and you’ll be asked to contact your HP account manager or preferred HP channel partner. In Australia, you are politely requested to “register your interest“.

Prices will be naturally dictated by the specification, but in the US the list price starts at $5,319 for a 12-core Xeon w5-3423 processor, 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory, a 512GB SSD and Nvidia T400 graphics. At time of writing, however, that dropped to $3,085 after discounts.

If you want a 56-core Intel Xeon w9-3495X processor, you will have to pay a hefty $5,729 more (after discounts). Choosing that, along with 128GB of RAM, a 2TB SSD and one Nvidia RTX A6000 graphics card brought that sum to $14,238. The good news? That includes a $10,000 discount on the official price.

What else is so special?

Three things: the cooling, the easy management and superb expansion options.

HP touches on the cooling in the video above, and while we couldn’t listen to the Z8 Fury in action we know the company takes such things seriously from its other products. Here, it promises “smart fan control” using over 20 temperature sensors to fine-tune the fans.

It goes into a little more detail in the video below (but it’s heavy on the marketing spin). The key is that it promises full-throttle power without horrendous fan noise, and one of the examples it shows appears to be the Z8 Fury G5.

The easy management stems from two things. First is a tool-less design, which is common in high-end graphics workstations. It appears to be simple to swap out components, although the Lenovo ThinkStation PX has the edge here. Second is the option of a redundant power supply, which is great to see in such a compact workstation.

HP Z8 Fury G5 front expansion ports

Storage expansion? As Shakespeare said, let us count the ways. For a start, you have the option of an external storage bay that can hot-swap either four M.2 SSDs or two 3.5in hard disks. You can also specify a Premium front I/O module with two USB-C ports (20Gbits/sec) and two USB-A ports (5Gbits/sec).

Together with the spare internal M.2 slots, there is space for up to 120TB of storage here. Oh, and you can also specify an SD card reader.

It should go without saying that the Z8 Fury G5 is ISV certified too, but we’ll say it anyway.

A few final facts and figures

Memory slots16
Maximum memory2TB
Nvidia RTX graphics optionsA6000, A5000, A4500, A4000, A2000
Other Nvidia optionsT1000, T400
AMD Radeon optionsPro W6800, Pro W6600, RX 6400
Dimensions216 x 551 x 445mm (WDH)
WeightStarts at 22kg
Available OSesWindows 11 Pro, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
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