Top tech companies in Brisbane

Brisbane, nestled in the south-east of Queensland, is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting tech hubs in Australia. Currently, Brisbane boasts the highest growth in technology jobs in the whole country, ripe with new startups and established companies. With excellent connections to overseas markets through the Port of Brisbane, and an international airport just 20 minutes away, it’s easy to see why Australia’s tech sector is growing so quickly here.

So, who to watch? Here are six of the most exciting tech companies in Brisbane.


Wanngi app working across different devices

Keeping detailed records of your health is as complicated as it is important. Wanngi developed an app to solve this problem, providing an HIPAA-compliant app to store and manage your symptoms, treatments and vaccinations. Founded in 2017 by Maree Beare, Wanngi has grown into a globally available service, scaling with the increase in digitised health information. In 2021, Wanngi partnered with the telehealth provider PII Australia to provide health services to Aboriginal communities.

Little Hinges

House viewing is an essential part to finding a new place – but who’s to say you have to do it in person? Little Hinges was founded in 2020, providing a virtual viewings service to real-estate agents forced online by the pandemic. It offers detailed analytics for each property and, in partnership with the international real estate company RE/MAX, caters for over 1,600 agents nationwide. A year after its launch, Little Hinges won the proptech startup of the year, as awarded by Proptech Association Australia.

As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, every other company wants to incorporate it into the everyday workflow. BlackBook provide software development services, utilising different fields of AI depending on the problem at hand. In addition, it provides prebuilt products to tackle more generic tasks, such as simple workflows and document management. In 2020, won “Diversity Employer Of The Year” from Women in Digital, as well as UiPath’s award for “Top Business Partner (Australia)”.


SportUP is a social sport club, offering a range of sports to local people looking to get active after work. Its platform lets users find other teams and individuals looking to play competitively in their area. As such, SportUP has a strong reach into the young, professional demographic of Brisbane, and works with local businesses to encourage digital engagement, and organise promotional events and product sampling.


Leximancer in action on laptop

Leximancer is an internationally recognised text analysis software for academics and researchers. Utilising a natural language processing model, its software allows you to visualise the concepts expressed through any number of documents. This is displayed as a map, making the links between documents clear, as well as analysing the sentiment of the author to account for bias within your sources. Leximancer is used by a number of universities, including the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Australian National University.


Searcht is an award-winning SEO (search engine optimisation) agency. Its model revolves around building an accessible and transparent SEO strategy, tailored to the client. In addition, it offers content advice, such as current trends and topic guidance, powered by Google Analytics. In 2023, Searcht has been shortlisted for the Clutch “Top SEO Agencies in Australia”.

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